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Linear butterfly valve

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In the linear butterfly valve, it includes the body, installed in the valve body, valve seat and valve seat with opening and closing of the valve plate and valve plate opening and closing operation, valve plate panel for spherical spiral curve structure of this valve advantage will valve plate of the panel set to spherical spiral curve structure, therefore in the process of closing valves, valve plate outer circumferential irregularly from each position gradually pressure rubber seat produce interference quantity to seal, and to realize the specific pressure sealing performance due to the valve plate peripheral is parabolic shape, compact seats force uniform, do not focus on a straight line, so it won't cause rubber seat (rubber ring) fold or tear; In the process of opening the valve, the valve plate gradually away from the valve seat, valve plate and valve seat does not exist between vertical force, thus greatly reducing the friction between heat sealing pair and reduce the wear and reduce operating torque,So reduce the valve plate opening and closing of the energy consumption, energy saving up to 15%


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